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I am Adegboyega Ogunmola. I am a Nigerian. I want to write, self-publish, and social-network the idea for the public audience. I want everyone to read my articles.

I think starting the entrepreneurial venture: Gboyega Ogunmola Writer – Writer For Personality Literature, thereby writing literature on personality provides the opportunity of solving people’s problem. There is no one who shouldn’t live successfully and happily.







I became inspired to undergo an outstanding improvement in writing, self-publishing, and social-networking. I tried to  overcome many limitations. I gained a lot of exposure.

I alleviated the concession of problem and the consequence of difficulty. The change made the social and personal life better. I extended the talent into the related activity.

I wanted to show my talent to everyone. I thought the concerned and interested people will give the gratitude and appreciation.





I congratulate all people. I thank the people who participated with me, towards my success on the Internet.

I am appreciating everyone involved in my online presence. I hereby thank all  my followers.


Writing for the public audience



Writer and Self-publisher


I usually interact with everyone personally through my writing activities. I wanted my article to enlighten their personalities. I wanted to solve their problem and alleviate other concerns. I wanted everyone of us to exist as we should be. I believed that the knowledge of personality makes life easier.

I have written many articles for the public audience. I did this through the knowledge and experience I have gained through reading articles on the Internet. I am self-publishing through many social media websites, blockchain networks, blogs, and websites. I want to reach out to readers.

I am Adegboyega Ogunmola. I am a writer, self-publisher, and social-networker. I want to write my idea for everyone who is interested to read. I started writing and blogging through the Internet.






In the year 2015, I started self-publishing. I brand-named myself Gboyega Ogunmola Writer – Writer For Personality Literature.

I had received the university degree since the year 2007. I had the Bachelor of Education. I studied Guidance & Counselling.




Writer For Personality Literature

I became interested in writing articles, newsletter, and e-book. I had the passion to write literature in Personality.

Personality is a sub-division of Psychology. It studies how peoples’ character and behavior develop.


Guidance & Counselling is a field of study in Psychology. Psychology studies the mind and behaviour. Guidance & Counselling studies why people don’t behave as they should do.

I decided to start writing on the Personality while working on the Internet. I had a lot of experience through my interaction online. Personality is the behaiour, attitude, temperament, etc. that determines who we are.


Try Sharing, Feel Free to Share!