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About Me

I Am Self-publishing

I kept on doing anything that I really like. I chose an idea which relates to what I like to do.

Years ago, I liked reading. I mean, I read magazines, novels, and books. Later on, I joined the social media platform. I participated on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Thereafter, I opened up certain blogs and websites. It was during that time that I created this website.

Then, I decided to become an entrepreneur. On the social media, I prepared to write the e-book. I wanted to commercialize this talent.

I intended to write, publish, and sell e-books. Truly speaking, I have no regret.

All the way, I appreciate all my well wishers. I am extending my gratitude to everyone.


My Interest

Personality Literature


I joined the social media platform many years ago. By 2012, I was publishing article on the social media website.

By the way, I intended to put this talent into commercial use. I wanted to sell the e-book.

From my education and experience, I focussed on writing articles on the Personality. I based this literature on Personality psychology. This is a field of study that is related to my area of study, Guidance & Counselling.

Anyway, I didn’t regret this action. In 2015, I published my first e-book.

Nowadays, I am self-publishing article and e-book as a professional entrepreneur. Many things have changed after that time. The writings and techniques have improved with knowledge and experience.

I am now taking a step to move forward in life. I am aspiring to write and publish with time.


My Career

B. ED.

My Personal Photograph
My Personal Photograph

I am educated. I attended school starting from the nursery to the university.

I started schooling when I was young. Eventually, I passed through the academic stages with good grades until the secondary school.

But, I had a slower education at the college stage. After studying Education, I continued to practice with what I have gained.

I taught at a public secondary school for many years. There, I gained more experience about the teaching profession. I coped with many school activities. I taught by giving the students the lesson on instructional practice.

Finally, I was admitted into the university. There, I studied Guidance & Counseling, with the aspects of Geography. In 2007, I received the Bachelor of Education degree.

My experience at this level of education encouraged me to counsel and nurture the school children. Some students will need the help of a counsellor before they can cope with life in the school environment. In the secondary school, I was engaged into new skills on an extensive scale.

I give my gratitude to all the good people. I am self-publishing on the Internet. I appreciate those who contributed to this successful journey up to the present time.

My Biography

I Am From Nigeria


I was born on 4th November, 1961. I am a native of Oyo, Oyo State, Nigeria.

I was born into a christain family. I had a mixture of beliefs about life. The later years in the school setting made a little difference.

I grew up to keep a hopeful mind on many transparent ideas. But, these have changed along the way and over the years.

I had a childhood still in my memories. The school education gave me a solid approval into a good job.

Later on, I grew up to be in a position to cater for myself and the children. This happened amidst a change of family relationship and academic environment. In a while, I started a gradual working relationship.

I now have a wife and five children in my family. Also, I have many relationships in my hometown, Oyo. This is where I am still living and working.

I give my regard to all the good and living fellows. I want to inform all the people that I am self-publishing. I appreciate those people who have certain challenges through my activities so far.

Try Sharing, Feel Free to Share!